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Regiment Command 

S-1 Administration S-3 Operations S-4 Logistics  S-6 Information Technology
COL Littlefield, Gary W.
Regiment Commander
Admin Officer
MSG Mueller, Dana, L.
Operations SGT
MAJ Furtado, Danielle A.
Supply Officer
SFC Serrano, Jonathan, S.
Sr. Visual Info Equip Operator
LTC Tanji, Wesley H.
SFC Yang, Yuan J.
Sr.  Human Resourses SGT
MSG Bagayas, Emiilie, M.
Sr. Supply SGT
SSG Parubrub-Kahaulelio, Evan K.
Visual Info Equip Operator
CSM Aquino, Belynn P.
Command Sergeant Major
SSG Jaralba, Julius, C.
Human Resourses SGT

SFC Uesugi, Arthur H.
Training SGT

SFC Razon, Roberto, F.
Supply SGT

SSG Nguyen, Maria, R.
Human Resourses SGT

SFC Adriano, Tyrone, J.
Training SGT

SSG Eala, Jonald, A.
Supply SGT
SGT Migita, Matthew, E.
Human Resourses SPEC
SGT Kaaiakamanu, Clint, P.
Supply NCO
CPL Yamaguchi, Vivian, W.
Human Resourses SPEC
SGT Sodiano, Maureenhazel, N.
Supply NCO
SPC Valdez, Dailo, N. Jr.
Supply NCO
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